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The Nexus 7(2013) is a fantastic tablet, and finding official accessories for the device is always great, we’ve seen the official folio case and the neoprene sleeve made available through Google Play but it looks like Asus Australia themselves are now selling accessories for the tablet – offering the Travel Case as well as a more Premuim case as well as a screen protector through the accessory store on their Australian website.

Nexus 7 (2013) Travel Cover
Nexus 7(2013) Travel Case Banner
Last year, the original Nexus 7 only saw rubberised travel case released for the Nexus 7 and this year they’ve once again released a similar travel case for the Nexus 7(2013), but in slightly different colours. Unfortunately, Asus has only released the case in Lime Green through their website at this stage, although you can find these cases in the colours shown in the banner at various retailers around Australia. The Travel cases are available from the Asus accessory store for $25 each + delivery. The features for the case include :

  • Tough yet soft snug-fitting case protects your device.
  • Flexible non-slip matte texture provides great grip and protection against bumps and scrapes.
  • Slim cover design allows the Nexus 7 to still easily fit in your bag.
  • Make a personal choice from six stylish colors.

Premium Cover for Nexus 7 (2013)
Available in Black or White, the case measures 20.2×11.8×1.2cm and weighs 96grams the Premium Cover for Nexus 7 (2013) is available for $45 + shipping. As well as the cover allowing the tablet to turn into a video stand as well as a typing stand, Asus advises that the case will support wireless charging as well as being shock proof and drop proof.
The official list of features on the case are :

  • Providing premium protection and proper views.
  • Folding cover props up the Nexus 7 to an ideal position for typing or watching videos.
  • Soft microfiber and durable polyurethane construction with available in two colors.
  • Slim and sturdy design fully protects both the Nexus 7 screen and body.

White Case :

Black Case :

Nexus 7 (2013) Screen Protector
Screen Protector Banner
Lastly, it’s an expensive way to protect your screen, but if you think you need it Asus will supply two screen protectors for $19 + Shipping

  • Two screen protectors in one pack – one clear, one anti-glare coating.
  • Premium five layer coat prevents scratches and fingerprint smudges.
  • 90% transparency clear screen protector keeps visuals bright and crisp; anti-glare protector eliminates glare without reducing touchscreen sensitivity.
  • Screen protector can be reapplied several times to ensure no formation of air bubbles.
  • Perfect protection for your mobile device.

There’s only one option for shipping on all the accessories from Asus – Standard (3-6 Business Days) – which will add $6.33 to your order. Asus accepts payment via Credit Card(Visa, Mastercard and Amex) as well as BPay and PayPal. Head on over to the Asus Accessory store where you’ll find other Nexus 7 Accessories – including the travel case for the original Nexus 7 – such as Power adapters.

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    Andy Robb

    No magnets, and the stand functions don’t even work…check out the reviews. Its a fantastic case otherwise in terms of being slim, light and premium feel, way better than the 3rd party casea…I knew the limitations when I bought so its been OK for me as a travel case, but if you bought for stand functionality yould be very disappointed…


    Do any of these have a magnet to keep the cover closed and do the wake on open thing?