The Android 4.4 update has been a very much anticipated release for owners of the current flagship device, and before an updated successor is announced in the next few months, users are very much wanting as many updates as possible before the device is relegated to the same fate that met the former flagship and it appears that European owners of the HTC One are beginning to get their first taste of Kit Kat on the HTC One now.

HTC Developer LlabTooFeR advised that the Android 4.4.2 update – ROM version 4.19.401.8 – is beginning to hit handsets. It’s not a small release, it’s 308MB in size and is being delivered via Over The Air(OTA) update. The screenshot he took describes the Changelog for the Android 4.4.2 update :
Android 4.4.2 HTC One Changelog

The HTC Browser is now based on Chromium, so Flash is now no longer supported but apart from that it appears to add updated Bluetooth Profiles and Cloud Printing.

Here in Australia, we have a long wait if you purchased a HTC One from a carrier – Telstra in their latest Handset Software update advises ‘No information we can share on this device at this stage’, Optus has no listing for the Android 4.4 update instead advising 4.3 is the next update and finally Vodafone advises that the 4.4 update has been scheduled for testing.

If you have an unlocked version of the HTC One, you may see the update sooner, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the update as soon as it arrives.

Source: Llabtoofer.
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I bought mine unlocked but I think it’s a Telstra one… Long wait, sigh.

Russel Bach

Sounds like us on Telstra plans will miss out
Not a happy camper


My guess is mid March at the earliest until local telcos roll it out