Cotton Glass with Curve Frames
Google yesterday updated their options for Glass Explorers wanting to use the device with their prescription lenses adding 4 new frames – Split, Thin, Bold and Curve – to the range which can be ordered from the Google Glass store for US$225 as well as two new styles of shades which can be purchased for US$150 – note that both of these are in addition to the US$1500 that Glass costs.

With the introduction of prescription lenses into the mix, Google has partnered with VSP (Vision Service Plan) a partnership which will allow them to train Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) across the US on Glass. The rollout of Glass is still very much US-centric, although a broader launch of Glass is expected later this year with Google advising in their FAQ – ‘This marks the next phase in the evolution of Glass as we move towards a wider consumer launch later in 2014’.

Google has created a gallery of all the different frames and shades available as well as giving a mix of the different coloured Glass modules they’ĺl be paired with, of course to be as inconspicuous as possible, it appears the Dark Grey Glass is the best option, but it’s up to you.

These new styles and of course inclusion of those members of the public which require prescription lenses, Glass moves into a much more ‘stylish’ look than previously available. The more ‘normal’ looking frames allow for a much broader reach within the community and there will be a lot more people interested in the device based on these options, because it’s pretty obvious that people love to choose.

What style suits you?

Source: Google Glass.