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Since the first time we saw LG’s QSlide Apps sitting in the notification panel, we’ve lamented the limited supply of apps which LG has that support the option to float translucently over the other Apps running on your LG device, while they’ve added to their library of QSlide Apps, they’ve finally decided to open an SDK to allow developers the option of making their Apps QSlide compatible.

QSlide first appeared for us here in Australia on the Optimus G, where LG included 5 Apps – Video, Internet (a browser), Memo, Calendar and Calculator – which would float over whatever App you had open at the time. That was expanded with the G2 with LG supplying a further five applications – adding Phone, Messaging, Email, Voice Mate and File Manager – to the stable of QSlide Apps, but even then this was a fairly limited supply.

The SDK which is now available on developer.lge.com, offers developers options to add :

  • Switching the mode between floating and full screen window
  • Adjusting transparency, size and position of the floating window
  • Customizing styles of the floating window
  • Adding the application’s launch icon to Notification bar

But it remains to be seen how much traction this will get within the developer community. LG has certainly gained a larger portion of Mobile sales in recent years with the success of the G Series as well as their Nexus devices but how many developers will come on board to build for such a niche use case is the big question.

What Apps would you like to see given QSlide compatability for your LG device?

Source: LG Developer.
Via: AndroidCentral.
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