Android Device Manager
Android Device Manager the Google device security App designed to help you find or wipe a lost Android device has been updated over night to add a new feature which has been a little bit lacking since its introduction – security within the App.

Previously when loading Android Device Manager there was very little in the way of security when loading the App, meaning that anyone in possession of your Android Device could track, remotely call or wipe any of the devices associated with your account. But now a new feature adds a password prompt at the launch of the App to help stamp out that little security hole.
There’s still an option to ‘Never Ask Me Again’ when entering the password so if you really want to secure your devices then you’d be best entering your password every time but it’s a good step towards better security.

If you haven’t installed Android Device Manager – you should – head over to Google Play and download it now, you can also hit the Android Device Manager site on the web to track all your devices and ensure they’re registered properly.

Source: Google Play.