Wednesday , October 18 2017

Google Play Books updated; allows PDF uploads from Android devices

Google’s online book service, Google Play Books, has been updated today to allow users of the service to upload their own PDF books to the Google cloud, allowing those books to be accessed on any compatible device.

Back in December, Google originally rolled out this feature which allows users to upload EPUB and PDF documents directly from their Android devices, without needing a computer in between. However, just a week later, the PDF ability was removed, leaving only the EPUB format as a direct-from-device option.

It seems that at the time, the PDF support was experimental only, and shouldn’t have been released. Fortunately, though, this has now been resolved, and the PDF upload ability is back.

This somewhat less-well-known aspect of the Google Play Books service is a rather nifty feature. Google Play Music allows users to upload their legacy music collections into the cloud (although, not directly from an Android device), and now Google Play Books allows eBooks downloaded elsewhere, provided they’re in the appropriate format, to be uploaded as well, and accessed anywhere that Google Play Books can (be it mobile, web, computer or elsewhere).

Google Play Books
Google Play Books
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: Android Police.
Via: Android Community.

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