LG Nexus 5 Red Press Render
With an announcement of a red Nexus 5 expected on the 4th of Feb in the US, the press renders of the Nexus 5 have shown up today via serial leaker @evleaks.

The hotness is really there in this render which shows the red speaker grill on the front and the vibrant red shell on the back. The question is what material the red Nexus 5 will have on the back with the white Nexus 5 feeling slightly more glossy than the more rubberised soft touch plastic on the Black version.

We should hopefully see this released into Google Play this week and then we’ll hopefully see some of these on the street.

Do you like the Nexus 5 in red?

Source: EVLeaks.
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Michael Faro-Tusino

The second it goes live, I’m hitting buy! Will go great with my Red Pebble

Brad Hook

Digging it. I really don’t need a new phone, but this really has me considering.




I reckon MKBHD would like it!