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It certainly seems that the rumours are beginning to ramp up for the potential launch of the HTC M8 and it seems that Evleaks have gotten its hands on a potential launch timeframe for the mysterious device.

According to a Twitter post earlier yesterday, Evleaks who’s posts have been somewhat spot on most of the time, posted the following:

This correlates with a post from Dan back on January 14, in which Bloomberg reported that sources close to a project consider the M8 to be the successor to the very popular HTC One, with a launch in late March.

The M8 is rumoured to have a bigger display and have dual rear-facing cameras which would continue to utilise HTC Ultrapixel technology. It certainly seems that HTC will eventually launch the device in late March based these confirmations.

Of course, we shall await to see what HTC do state between now and then.

Are you looking forward to the launch of the HTC M8? Would you consider upgrading if or when the HTC M8 comes to Australia?

Source: Evleaks Twitter.

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