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Google Now Chrome Beta
It was a few weeks ago we heard and saw Google now come out of the shadows, albeit in a somewhat limited capacity in the Chrome OS Dev Channel, but Google has advised in their Chrome Blog, that its contextually aware virtual assistant will come to Chrome on Windows and OS X, as well as Chrome OS.

To get access to Google Now on your browser, users will need to sign into the Google account that you use for either your Android (or iOS) devices to activate Google Now features and cards.

Sadly Google Now does seem to be missing for Linux device users, with Google Now yet to reach Chrome for Linux, and Google hasn’t provided any news as to if or when Google Now features will come to Linux users who use Chrome on their mobile devices. It is believed that Linux users have simply been left out potentially because of the way Google Now ties into existing notification systems for iOS, Windows and Chrome OS users, although there has not been any indication from Google if this could be true or not.

With Google Now moving out of the Dev channels into the more widely used beta channels by default, it could seen as as sign that Google wants to bring Now to the masses very, very soon.

Are you happy to see Google Now coming to Google Chrome browser and Chrome OS? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below

Source: Google Chrome Blog.

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Using a windows box and Canary Chrome W/Google now for a few weeks now. Can’t seem to override the ISP/IP address to get proper directions and weather. Keep getting Sydney weather and directions while I’m in Canberra. Quite odd

Clarence Tang

I had to go to chrome://flags and enable Google Now flag, and now I’ve got my cards. Running Chrome Beta 33.0.1750.58 beta-m on Windows.

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