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Google has stated for a very long time that it was beginning to get serious about its photography efforts, and today it seems they have been successful in moving one step closer, by snatching Adobe’s Photoshop Guru, John Nack to help fulfill their photography aspirations.

John Nack, was one of Adobe’s Senior Product Managers for Photoshop, and had been with the software company for 14 years. During his tenure at Adobe, he led the company to their software’s first public beta (CS3) along with the introduction of notable features like Smart Objects. Until todays announcement, which he made via his own blog, Nack had been working on Adobe’s mobile projects and products as their Principle Product Manager.

In his blog, Nack stated that:

Adobe & Google have enjoyed great collaboration for years, and I hope to take that even further. There’s so much we can all do to help photographers & storytellers of every sort.

With John Nack coming over to Google to head up its Photography efforts, it would be seen that Google is looking to dive further into photo editing after debuting Auto Awesome last year and snatching up Snapseed just before that. But whether this new found photography talent will translate into better photography on Android devices remains to be seen.

It certainly will be interesting to see what Nack will bring to Google and what the company has planned for its Photography editing efforts for us consumers and aficionados alike.

What do you think Nack will bring to Photo editing and photography setting within Google? Do you think Nack will be a good fit within Google.

Source: John Nack Adobe Blog, and Engadget.

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geoff fieldew

Well this is cool. Perhaps they are working on acquiring an “expert” for their capture software too.

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