Well known developer Koush, who made one of the first media streamers for local content for the Chromecast, famously had to remove the functionality after Google changed their Beta SDK back in the early days of the software release. At the time it appeared that Koush was done with Chromecast, but with the release of the SDK this morning it appears that it could be back into his media streaming App – Allcast.

In a Google+ post earlier, Koush advised he was approached by John Affaki, Engineering Manager – Chromecast at Google who advised that he should be able to re-implement the code for Chromecast back into Allcast with very little effort.

With AllCast currently supporting Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, Playstation, WDTV and other DLNA ready devices like Samsung Smart TVs the Chromecast playback is pretty well one of the best Apps for video streaming on the market. There’s a free version which gives most of the functionality or you can pay $5.60 and get a Premium version with No ads, splash screens or limits on video lengths.

Koush has promised to update AllCast soon, so hopefully we’ll see this in the next few days after Koush completes some testing.

Source: Koush.
Via: Engadget.
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    Fernando De Leon

    Is already out tried it yesterday it works good for pics but videos take a long time to load so am guessing he will do another upgrade aoon
    Btw you need the latest play services


    I was womdering who was going to be first.
    Great work koush… Got the update faster than the Google play services update.
    Glad to see this was still allowed and that Google just stopped the method during the beta/development stage to not distract other developer ideas.
    But really does seem like koush wasn’t really going to bother with the update, glad someone wanted this too.