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Path, the journal app which is intended to be a more personal social network has finally brought video sharing capabilities to Android users. While iOS users have been able to use this part of the service for around three years, Path has brought the feature in the latest update to the Path app (version 3.4) in the Google Play Store.

Users can record up to 30 second movies, apply a range of filters and share to their private timeline alongside text, photo, location and other updates.

While we may look upon the update with some scorn because of the 3 year wait for this feature, it’s worth remembering that Path has clocked up over 10 million downloads in Google Play and has a 4.5 star rating (though they’ll tell you it’s 5). That’s some impressive customer satisfaction.

Do you use Path? Let us know your thoughts on the latest version of the app in the comments.

Developer: Path Mobile, Inc.
Price: Free+
Source: Path Blog, and Engadget.

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