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EverythingMe, an Android launcher quite similar to the Google Now launcher, has officially come out of beta (to a certain extent) for UK, USA, Spain and Germany. EverythingMe aims to be what its founder and designer is calling visions of “Smartphone 2.0”.

The aim of EverythingMe is a homescreen and app launcher for Android which provides yet another take on using contextual data to make your smartphone even better. Its co-founder and designer, Ami Ben David, is calling it “Smartphone 2.0”, which he is promising will make your device smarter and more efficient to use.

EverythingMe looks more like a traditional Android launcher than its main competitor Aviate (which Google recently acquired), with five homescreens, an app drawer, and a search bar at the top. In some ways, it is being herald as more dynamic than traditional launchers with its ever changing backgrounds and swift animations to boot.

EverythingMe is quite impressive to look at and with it being able to change through each parts of the day with the information and things you want like news feed, apps etc, I think EverythingMe is a real contender. Perhaps Google may look at repeating this with future updates to compete.

You can watch a demonstration of the app via their YouTube Video below:

There is no word as to when EverythingMe will become available to us here in Australia, but if you are able to access the US or UK Play Stores, you might want to hit the Play Store link below and download it.

Would you consider downloading EverythingMe App Launcher? Have you downloaded it? What are your thoughts on the app launcher? We would like to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: EverythingMeThe Verge.
Via: Google Play.
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Geoffrey D'Unienville

I dunno all these new launchers are starting to look the same i had to double check the firefox launcher article posted just before this because yep they look EXACTLY the same

Alex Man

Firefox launcher is based on EverythingMe 🙂

Marné Prinsloo

Great, another app I can’t get cause I’m not in USA. We need to get a working Google Wallet soon!


Didn’t Yahoo acquire Aviate? not Google?


Actually, Yahoo acquired Aviate, not Google.