Thursday , February 22 2018

Mozilla gives a preview of Firefox Launcher for Android


Mozilla has previewed to the public its upcoming new release for the Android marketplace, Firefox Launcher for Android.

Mozilla has partnered with EverythingMe to brings its own app launcher for Android devices, a front end launcher that solely that revolves around its mobile browser, Firefox for Android.

The upcoming software partners Firefox with EverythingMe’s context-sensitive app search, which in turn will personalise both your web surfing and your software in one hit. It does somewhat look similar to EverythingMe’s own app launcher, which is only available in selected countries at this stage, but it does look quite clean and sophisticated.

The only bad thing is that both partners, Mozilla and EverythingMe, have not given any timeframe as to when or what countries will be the first to get Firefox Launcher for Android. We will just have to wait and see what both companies state over the next few months or so and see what comes to fruition.

Would you consider downloading Firefox Launcher for Android if and when it gets released down under? Tell us what you think in the comments below

Source: Mozilla Blog, and Engadget.

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3 Comments on "Mozilla gives a preview of Firefox Launcher for Android"

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Phill Edwards
Valued Guest
Phill Edwards

I don’t know about others but I find Firefox on Android unusable. Every time i try it it hangs and I have to kill it. The thought of it being tightly integrated as a launcher makes me shudder!

Valued Guest

Beauty of having choice and being able to not use it…

Valued Guest

Got no problem on my nexus 4, I prefer it over Chrome

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