IMG_20140207_121507When we first heard that there’d be a red Nexus 5 coming out, we were fairly interested; after all, it’s not too often these days that phones are released in nice, vibrant, bright colours.

Seeing this news, we anxiously awaited confirmation that the Red Nexus 5 would be available in Australia, and it seems those prayers to the fine folk at Google have made it happen. Jason, who could not help himself, has taken the plunge and as his reward, in his hands today rests the lovely, new Red Nexus 5.

The colour is brilliant; its very, very bright as you can see in the various photos below:

I for one am turning another colour at the moment, as I’d much prefer a red over a black Nexus 5, but that’s the price we early adopters pay. Nonetheless, it’s a brilliant colour and I’m sure it will find many happy new owners.

Will you be getting a Red Nexus 5? Have you already? What are your thoughts?

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Disclaimer: last apple device was 2012. I’m using a note 2 and Sony tablet now.

I hate it when android makers do this. People often say apple doesn’t innovate but I think releasing new colors to spruik continued interest to old products is even worse!


You don’t like that they are giving people color choices?


They could’ve done that at launch.


I hate when companies do this, they always seem to bring out a color I’d prefer, would of rather had a red HTC one when I got that and would rather a red nexus 5 instead of my black one. I normally upgrade roughly every 6 months and am an early adopter.

David Smith

Maybe it’s just the shade of red in the pictures, but it looks like a Lego block to me, I’ll stick with my black N5 I think

paul c

Some are saying that it almost looks orange

vijay alapati

its glossy matt like white version instead of smooth rubbery finish u find on Black version, I’m happy with my black while holding it. No thanks for Red 🙂