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Rumours are circulating today that HTC is working on a “high end” Nexus tablet for release sometime later this year.

A report by Focus Taiwan has stated that HTC Corp is said to have won orders for a high-end model in the Google Nexus tablet line that will begin shipping in the third quarter of 2014. We could be seeing a replacement Nexus 10 or, given the timing of previous launches, a replacement for the current 2013 model Nexus 7.

This would be a boost for HTC, who manufactured the original Nexus One for Google and helped launch the Nexus line of devices. Despite the relatively low sales of Nexus devices, there’s a certain prestige in being chosen to manufacture them and the selection process is a constant source of rumour and speculation.

While HTC hasn’t been known for “high end” tablets, they have brought us the Flyer and Jetstream tablets in the past – although they didn’t bring them to us, here. Both tablets eventually had the plug pulled after lackluster sales. We’ve seen rumours that HTC would return to the tablet market in recent years, but none have yet panned out.

In a reply to the report, also via Focus Taiwan, HTC have stated that they don’t comment on market rumours or speculation — surprising nobody.

Much has been made of Google’s two-year/two-device Nexus partnerships in the past, so perhaps Asus‘ Nexus 7 time is up? Given the quality of their hardware output in recent years, we’d certainly welcome a HTC-built Nexus device.

Would you consider buying a HTC Nexus tablet? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Focus Taiwan.
Via: Android Community.
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Just read that the Nexus 10 will be made by HTC. The Nexus 8 (no more 7 inches) made by ASUS. and Nexus 6 by Lenovo-Motorola.


Just bought the 2013 N7 so I won’t be on the tablet market this year. But a second gen HTC N7 in 2015? Yes please!


Yes yes yes! Love HTC build quality and am not happy with the degradation of my 2012 Nexus 7 in terms of battery life and the OS freezing a little too often


I’d love this.

Something like the HTC One’s great industrial design, dual front facing speakers, great screen etc on a Nexus 7 (or Nexus 8) device would be awesome.