Nexus 5 Smashed Screen
It’s the sound you never want to hear when you drop your phone or see it sliding over the edge of a desk, and while we all try to protect our phone to the best of our ability, sometimes accidents happen and when it does you need to get your baby fixed up and back under way.

So, who you gonna call? Well, it’s definitely not going to be covered under warranty, but if you call Google Play support, they will direct you to the LG Mobile Phone Service Centre otherwise known as Evertec. You can give them a call on (02) 9648 6374 or (02) 9648 6746 or head into their service centre at 55 Parramatta Road, Lidcombe NSW Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 5:30pm where they will be able to take your phone for repair.

If you’re interstate then you’ll need to package up your phone and send it to them at: PO Box 6917, Silverwater NSW 2128.

So, what will this cost? Well, a call to the team there got us the price of $187 to repair the screen while $209 will also get the rear of your phone repaired if you somehow manage to damage that in some sort of accident. The work is guaranteed and the team at the Service Centre are in direct contact with LG Australia and perform all the warranty work for LG Phones.

My previous experience with the LG Service centre – with my Nexus 4 – was great, with a very fast and reliable service. Hopefully you never have to use this post but if you do, here’s the information.

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You guys rock! Was devastated when I just dropped my Nexus 5 this morning and picked it up with the screen in pieces. Googled it, found this site, fixed by this afternoon. Legends!


Misleading Title….. :S

Silo A

Huh! I thought you were going to lay out a howto on replacing the screen DIY. Take it to the repair shop advice is NOT the same as ‘
Here’s how to repair it.’


Just has my nexus 4 screen repaired there. Not only was it quick and easy but they also replaced the main pcb under warranty without even a phone call to me, even though i did not realize it was faulty at the time.


Where was it that you repaired your phone? My phone is still around 3 months old and how would I get it repaired for a minimal cost?


I was directed by LG to fonebiz Doncaster in VIC. Didn’t cost me a cent as I have buyers protection insurance. Phew

Phill Edwards

What’s buyers protection insurance? It sounds great!


It is an addition/ feature of some credit cards. For the first 90 days After a purchase you are protected from price differences, accidental damage or loss, etc…

Julian Williams

I thought you were literally going to show everyone how to replace the screen. Pretty misleading title, more like”Here’s how to get it repaired”


If you are in Melbourne, go to Victoria Gardens in Richmond. There’s a phone repair shop next to the post office that’ll fix a Nexus 5 screen in an hour for a similar price.


probably not under warranty though. for a similar price, I’ll go with the one that comes with manufacturer’s warranty.


Eh, if it’s fixed, it’s fixed.
Getting you phone back quickly is nice too.

Brad Hook

Yeah, but what if the new screen they give you has a lot of dead pixels, etc?

I’d rather get it repaired by an approved service centre so if anything goes wrong, they’ll do it again for free.