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Klinker apps has brought forward a bug update for its Twitter client Talon, including quite a substantial number of new features, changes and fixes for users.

The main features of the update are that Talon will now support Twitlonger and Tweetmarker, pull to refresh on searched trends, uploading with TwitPic, and the ability to remove retweets, but thats just the start.

Here is the full list of features brought to Talon for Twitter for the developer:

  • TweetMarker support
  • TwitLonger support
  • Upload with TwitPic
  • Much better handling of user searches
  • Added share and quote button to the in-line expansions on tweets
  • Add color to the retweet and favorite buttons so you can better distinguish your actions on a tweet
  • Live streamed tweets will be automatically loaded when you are at the top of the timeline
  • Higher quality Instagram, TwitPic, and Imgur pictures
  • Remove retweets by long pressing the retweet button
  • Pull to refresh on searched trends
  • Don’t show YouTube in pictures timeline
  • Better feedback for when you retweet or favorite a status
  • Much better support for auto-trimming the databases
  • Added size 30 font
  • Mark direct messages and mentions as read when the notification is dismissed
  • Better handling of retweets when viewing the tweet
  • Reply to your own tweets
  • Share individual links in a tweet using the “Share Link” button in the overflow menu when viewing a tweet
  • View your current account on the talon pull notification if you have more than one
  • Workaround under advanced settings for if your timeline jumped down a spot after a refresh
  • Better stability
  • Tons of bug fixes
  • Updated translations

Of course this is only the start for Klinker, who have stated that there will be another big announcement they are currently working on for the app, coming sometime soon, though no timeframe exactly given.

The update is now available on the Play Store. You can also sign up to the developers Beta community on Google+, to become a beta tester for any upcoming releases as well if that interests you.

We shall await to see what the company might have install for us, but this update certainly brings a heck of a lot of updates most tweeters were looking for.

Do you currently use Talon for Twitter? Would you consider updating to the new Talon for Twitter? We would like to hear your thoughts in the comments below

Source: Phandroid.