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LG G2 Mini
If the LG G2 had a design you like but was slightly too large for your tastes then LG are about to release a ‘mini’ version of their current flagship.

The teaser above was posted on the LG Mobile Facebook page with the caption

Experience the MINI. Mobile World Congress. 2014-02-24

The phone pictured next to an LG G2, shows the same rear mounted volume rocker and power key as it’s older, larger and – if specs which have just been posted online are to be believed – more powerful brother.

Specs online have come courtesy of Twitter account @Techn_o_world, who has tweeted the following :

Seemingly the tradition of ‘mini’ versions of phones is to be continued by LG with the Snapdragon 800 SoC of the LG G2 nowhere to be seen. The 4.7″ (When did 4.7″ become Mini?) HD screen will most likely be a 720P resolution but the biggest news is that the Mini will be released with Android 4.4, beating its older brother to the software update.

An LG G2 Mini is an interesting choice and I can’t wait to see what LG has to offer, although hopefully the hardware can receive a bump in specs from the rumoured ones.

Would you purchase an LG G2 Mini?em>

Source: Techn_o_world TwitterLG Mobile Facebook.
Via: GSMArena.
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4.7″ Mini is a natural progression of reduced bezel sizes. The device will be about the size of a my 4″ Nexus S, but with 720p and not much wasted frontage.

Makes the apple phone look silly with about 1/5th of its available front space dedicated to looking like a famous mp3 player, and another 1/5th dedicated to make that look symmetrical.


I just like the imagery in the advert. It’s cute.
I’ll be interested to find out in 6 months time if the Mini fad has worked out.
The Phablet fad… to be honest I haven’t seen them about.