Wednesday , October 18 2017

MotoTool All In One allows you to convert a Motorola Moto G to a Google Play Edition

The Motorola Moto G already comes with a fairly close-to-stock Android experience, but if you’re wanting to live life on the bleeding edge, and any modification to stock Android is too much for you to bear, well there’s now a way to convert your standard retail Moto G into a Google Play Edition.

Over at XDA Developers, a user has released a tool called MotoTool All In One (AIO) which allows you to perform a number of functions with your Moto G handset, including flashing stock and custom recovery loaders, installing drivers to access the handset, and last but not least, a brand new feature allowing you to convert the Moto G to a Moto G GPE.

The instructions seem fairly easy to follow; download a GPe firmware (links are available via XDA), place it in the appropriate folder as prompted by the MotoTool app, and start the conversion process. There is the possibility that your phone won’t detect a signal after conversion, and there’s a fix available for this as well.

Check it out at XDA Developers, and let us know how you go.

Source: XDA Developers.

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4 Comments on "MotoTool All In One allows you to convert a Motorola Moto G to a Google Play Edition"

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Valued Guest

I bought a moto G at jb hi fi on the weekend for $234. It’s a fantastic buy. But I don’t think this tool is for the dual-sim model.

Valued Guest

I bought mine off Amazon UK. buggered if I’m waiting for Australia to catch up!

Valued Guest

Where can this device be purchased? I saw Telechoice kicking about but can’t find it on their website. Not sure about Mobicity.. seems a little pricey and grey importy. Is it in any bricks and mortars, and if so.. how much? Otherwise, best online price?

Valued Guest

Does anyone know what the deal is with the 16 GB Moto G? The website has said “16 GB version also available” for about 3 weeks now, but there is still no sign of it. I spoke to a live chat rep on the Moto AU site and they also don’t know when it will be released.


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