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Play-Music-640x312Google has updated their Play Music app this week to version 5.4, and with the new release comes a couple of new features and some improvements to existing options. Perhaps the biggest changes are the inclusion of a ‘My Devices’ interface, offline radio and refreshing your music.

My Devices

Play Music, like most online music services, limits the number of devices that can be linked to one account, and in this case, the limit is 10. However, there hasn’t (previously) been a way to monitor which devices are connected to your account except for an option on the website (i.e. you couldn’t do it in-app). The limit is quite easy to hit if you have a couple of devices and you’ve upgraded once or twice, so having an easy way to remove devices from your account is a welcome option.

Offline Radio

This does just precisely what the name implies: Google Play Music radio stations can now be cached for offline payback. Simply select the radio station you’re interested in, and select the ‘Keep on device’ option, and voila, the station will be downloaded to your phone for your later enjoyment.

This doesn’t work for the I’m feeling lucky radio station, though.

Refresh Music

This is a pretty simple option which, if you think something has gone askew between your cloud music collection and what is stored on your handset, you can trigger a manual refresh to make sure the two are in sync. I personally have noticed this happen once or twice, where your phone believes that it has something in a collection when you’ve removed it. Triggering a refresh makes this disappear.

Other fixes and changes

Besides these more noticeable changes, there are a bunch of other changes as well:

  • A bug with duplicate Chromecast receivers showing up has been resolved
  • A ‘Play Next’ button has been added so you can queue up music to listen to next without removing your current music queue.
  • The cast button, used to send music to a Chromecast or Bluetooth music accessory has been moved to the bottom of the screen for easier access, and there are now more options in the sidebar.
  • A floating Playing now panel so you can easily see what’s playing while browsing other music
  • A shuffle option added to Listen now
  • A whole heap of bugfixes and other things have been fixed too

The new update is rolling out now, so if you don’t have it yet, you shortly will.

Source: Android Police.

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