LG L Series III
The L Series was the beginning of the revival of LG’s revival in the Mobile space, especially here in Australia. With the combination of stylish looks and decent specs at an affordable price, the original L Series launched LG into overall third place in the pre-paid handheld market and now, they’ve announced three new models in the L Series III line.

The L Series phones are 3G only handsets, with the F series being LG’s lower cost LTE line. The three models announced L40, L70 and L90 will all come Android 4.4 installed, a refreshing new approach from LG who have been a little behind in launching devices on current software so far.

In terms of hardware, the devices will launch with capacative buttons and a physical home button, as opposed to the on-screen buttons the higher end G Series have gone for in the last two – G2 and G Flex – iterations. The phones will also come with a mesh textured back for better grip and a metallic frame. The specs of the devices known so far are :

L40 L70 L90
Display: 3.5-inch (480 x 320) 4.5-inch IPS (800 x 400) 4.7-inch IPS (960 x 540) qHD
1.2 GHz Quad-Core
RAM: 512MB
Camera: Rear/Front Facing 3.0MP 8.0 or 5.0MP/VGA — depends on market 8.0MP/1.3MP
Network: 3G (HSDPA+14.4Mbps)
3G (HSPA+21Mbps)
Android 4.4 KitKat
Battery: 1,700mAh or 1,540mAh (removable) — depends on market 2,100mAh (removable) 2,540mAh (removable)
Size: 109.4×59.0x11.9mm 127.2×66.8×9.5mm 131.6×66.0x9.7mm

As seen in the video above, LG will be offering a Quick Window flip cover accessory for each of the LG L Series III models announced. The covers will be available in three colours – Black, White and Pink.

The phones are set to be launched at MWC and we hope to get a live stream of the LG press event so we can see the launch up close and personal. We’ve seen a number of LG L Series phones from both the original series and the L Series II, so we should see more of these phones announced here later this year.

Via: AndroidCentral.
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