The Moto G is an extremely popular mid-range spec phone at a low end cost, selling steadily through a number of sources in Australia. With the recent OTA update that pushed out for Android 4.4.2 there’s a large number of users reporting that their speakerphone is now barely louder than the normal phone mode. I purchased a Moto G for my beautiful wife not very long ago and she is one of the users who has suffered this issue.

Of course, there’s plenty of people who have their opinion on how it could be fixed:

  • Factory Reset
  • Reboot the phone
  • Install one of the various volume alteration applications

None of which offer a guaranteed fix and offer plenty of annoyance if you then have to go through and either restore your phone or redo all of your settings.

Luckily, while perusing the Android Central Forums a fix that doesn’t require factory reset, reboot, installation of any third party apps or anything else is present. While it can be a little tedious, all you need to do is (while in a call and speakerphone engaged) turn your volume down to zero, then back up to your required level. That appears to be enough to get the speakerphone level to work properly again.

Clearly it’s a software bug as it did not exist prior to the update, the issue has been reported to Motorola via a number of sources and there is apparently a fix in the works. In the meantime, if you’re a Moto G user; try to be patient.

What software bugs have you been bitten by in your Android world?

Source: Android Central Forums.
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TheBagging Man

Since updating to kitkat on my moto G hangouts doesn’t support dual sim and if using standard message app all messages sent and received on sim 2 do not display the contact name in the message thread, any ideas on a fix?