There’s just over a month to go till the launch event in London and New York but that doesn’t mean you have to wait till then to see the All New HTC One or the M8 as it’s been known up until recently in the new Grey colour.

EvLeaks has posted this press render on his Twitter feed for your perusal :
This Grey colour matches the picture that EvLeaks released the other day of the M8 sporting a bumper :

It’s a decent looking phone in Grey, and we’ve seen the phone in Gold, but we still await the phone in Silver.

Update: Silver has appeared as well :

Gold or Grey, which colour do you like or are you waiting for the Silver press render?

Source: EvLeaks.
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Not waiting to see any renders as they are all fake! This is just some ones artistic mind at play. I will wait for the actual product. I am guessing all these so called real leaks will all be wrong.

Sean Royce

You’d be wrong.


We will see. Take a look at all the leaks using this image. They are all the same. Same picture. Same time, same BlinkFeed content. It it is just re coloured.


Yes, that’s because they’re press renders.


I hope you’re right. I think these renders make the One look worse than last year’s model.


I agree. The OG looks way better.