+ Monday November 18th, 2019

Tunein Radio Pro

The makers of TuneIn Radio Pro have rolled out a new update which gives users the ability to record radio to their SD card. Of course there are other new features as well, but this is the headline. TuneIn Radio Pro has offered users the ability to record their favourite radio shows before, but this was limited to devices’ internal storage. Internal storage can be kind of limited on all but the top-shelf handsets, so the ability to now record to SD cards gives users a lot more space to play with (and record to).

Here is a couple of screenshots taken directly from the updated app:

As part of the update, the car mode has also received a quick, small design refresh. It isn’t a major talking point, but it does improve the usability in-car, and that’s important.

Besides these new features, the update has also fixed alarm volume issues reported by some users, as well as fixing problems with opening links shared to users. The Google Play buttons for buying music in-app have also been reduced in size to make them less intrusive.

You can check the update via Google Play store or by clicking here.

Source: Android Central, and TuneIn Pro - Google Play.

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