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Well its official, Google Currents, which was a beautiful looking newsreader App, which allowed users to keep up to date with their favourite leading publications, from breaking news headlines to blogs all in one neat package has finally bitten the dust in a recent update.

The update which is available through the Play Store now, users are prompted to click through to Newsstand when trying to access their library but before you fret over what will happen with all your subscriptions because Google has covered that for you, as all current subscriptions are ported over automatically to Newsstand.

When you are prompted to move over to the Newsstand app, you will find that Google Currents will be disabled and its icon disappears from the Apps menu. For iOS users however if you are an iOS user, Google hasn’t yet released a Newsstand app for that platform as yet, so Currents will live on- For now.

For regular Currents NewsStand users, you do of course have Ausdroid in your feed….don’t you?

So do you think Google has made the right move to close Currents and replace it with Newsstand?

Source: EngadgetAndroid Police.
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Marty Davey

Yelp Newsstand is much better than currents in my opinion, happy they migrated it all into one app, better layout and works better over my tablet and phone devices


I switched over to Newsstand as soon as it cane out. Didn’t like the layout of Currents all that much. :/

Nick Tsiotinos

Even if you keep the old apk, haven’t Google stopped it from being further developed and can it still be used or do they disable your login using currents?


Feature parity would have been nice first.

Mark all as read and hide already read are missing. Also Newsstand stops showing older articles afters some arbitrary number making it hard to use with high frequency news sources.

need to keep an apk backed up until they make a better fist of the replacement.


I have a feeling keep is next or at least will be gone too

Phill Edwards

Oh no I hope not! I use Keep quite a lot.


Just my opinion


i had it all set up to suit me !, now that I have deleted the subs, and only have my free news sites, its not as easy to navigate as currents was !!! 🙁