Moto X
The Moto X was a subject of much contention when it launched as a US/American exclusive, but it’s slowly rolled out to other markets of late beginning in the UK at the start of this month. Now it seems that Australia may be getting the phone, along with our friends over in India.

At the Motorola event at Mobile World Congress, Motorola took to Twitter to answer some questions put to them from Motorola fans around the world and one of them asked this very important question, which Motorola answered :

There’s no mention of when, how much the phone will be, or if any deals with carriers have been reached for when it launches in Australia. They did address Moto Maker for the UK as well as in Mexico which could also speak to their plans for international expansion of the service.

While it isn’t an immediate plan to roll out the service, it looks as though they are searching for partners, which you could probably interpret as waiting for Lenovo to take over and extend it.

After launching in the US 7 months ago, the question has to be asked: is it too late? The 12 Monthly cycle of hardware releases means that the Moto X could possibly be replaced soon and Motorola even answered a question that points to when this will occur:

It’s certainly going to depend on price as to how successful the Moto X is when it launches here and we have a large number of questions. We’ve asked Motorola Australia if they are able to shed any light on details surrounding an Australian/Indian launch and will let you know any details they can provide.

Source: Motorola Twitter.
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uce pit

Mobicity advertises their gray market in stock but not actually in stock with rinky dink warranty Moto X for $649.00 last time I looked. Ridiculous price. I’m waiting to see the price of the genuine Australian model with manufacturer warranty when it becomes available. I’m heading overseas & evaluating a decent Low cost Android device to use as a you know _communications device_ The Moto G & X impress me as the perfect handsets for this because of their emphasis on battery life & efficiency. AFAIK the Main differentiator is the G is 3g & the X is 4g. Apart… Read more »

Yianni soc

I’ve been using the Moto X since Christmas, and it’s an awesome phone.
All the intuitive features, are what makes the Moto X brilliant. It’s like nothing i’ve experienced before from a phone.
You need to use it to see what all the fuss is about.
It’s not about specs, it’s about the useability for the Moto X.

Greg Hortin

Would have loved to buy one of these and will probably have a play with the display models in my local Telsco shop. Can’t imagine I’d replace my Nexus 5 at this point though. Hopefully Lenovo will assist them to have a worldwide release for the sequel. Still a very nice looking phone with some great software/hardware tricks.

geoff fieldew

$349 outright or on a generous mid tier carrier plan. Not sure what the point is otherwise. Given it’s age it doesn’t make much sense to price it above the Nexus 5 outright price.

Honestly, I’m caught between 2 feelings:

1. I want every great Android phone available to our Australian market – so bring it!
2. Motorola treats us like a dog, giving us the scraps/leftovers – so keep it!


I’m voting option number 2, Geoff. The Moto X is now 7 months old, and apparently there’s enough stock for it to go on shelf here and in India, in the next few weeks, without the ‘Moto Maker’ system. So for us, none of the cool styles possible in the US. So we get it late and incomplete, AFTER they tossed us the meatless ‘bone’ of the even weaker Moto G. As I’d said regarding the impending launch of the Moto G: Why reward such behaviour toward us with a purchase? Now, I also apply that question to the Moto… Read more »


I can’t think of a worst time to release this after seeing so many new phones announced in MWC 2014.

Unless they price this a tad bit above the Moto G, then this phone will go almost unnoticed!

What are they thinking!!!

Sean Royce

You have no idea what you’re talking about. MWC wasn’t even the great.


There’s always several months between an announcement of a new device at MWC, and the initial launch of the new device, then there’s the added wait on top of that for the device to actually be made available in Australia.After 7 months, the Moto X is finally ready to go on shelf within a month here.

vijay alapati

hope they will make their stand in australia again


my interest is waning, I very much wanted that handset but the gulf in photo quality with other handsets is increasing


Lenovorolla. Looks good, might get depending on price.

Will Dutton

If it launches at nexus 5 prices i think i’ll buy it

Joshua Hill

Even though the Moto X is old if they launch it at Nexus 5 prices I think they’ll still have a successful product.


For a last year’s phone to have a chance of success as a bland new phone in the market, it would have to be priced to sell, meaning cut the price by at least 50 percent on current retail.


Bit late


not just a bit


Yeah it’s a shame. Had the Moto X (and Moto Maker) launched in Australia at around the time I bought my N5 I’d have had a really tough decision. But considering the hardware was already a bit “mid-tier” at the time of its US release it makes little sense to pick one up in Australia unless they sell it at a bargain basement price. That said, it’s still a great phone and I’ll be very interested to see how the second gen Moto X turns out.


I wonder if they’ll be looking to launch the Moto X outside the US to extend the production run/use up parts, while replacing it with an upgraded model in the US?