Dick Smith have advised that they will be carrying the Samsung Galaxy S5 when it makes its way to retailers some time in April – we hope the 11th, but await local confirmation – and have started taking the details for people interested in the phone.

You can hop onto the Dick Smith Facebook page and put your name down to receive the ‘latest news, pre-order and on sale info’ when it becomes available. You will of course have to agree to receiving news and offers from Dick Smith – but as reader KJMCI pointed out this stipulation is a legally required question when companies wish to contact you even if you ask them to. We’re still awaiting confirmation of pricing, but you can be sure that with wide availability will come some pretty aggressive pricing from Australian retailers when it does launch here.

Will you be getting a Galaxy S5, or do you have another phone on your must have radar for 2014?

Source: Dick Smith Facebook.
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I have S4 i cant see any reason to upgrade


Not without the FM radio. Looks like I might have to move over to Sony or LG when the S3 dies.


Same here… Disappointed on not having FM radio… I guess the Xperia Z2 is coming


Need to get one for the old man, despite telling of alternatives, he is quite taken with Samsung products