With the launch of the Microsoft/Nokia services focused Nokia X series of phones, the race is seemingly on for the first person to get as many Google services working on them as soon as possible. At least one has found its way into the hands of the CyanogenMod team, but other developers have the Nokia X in hand and are apparently hard at work with at least one being successful so far.

Senior Member – Kashamalaga – over on the XDA-Developer forums, has worked out a process for gaining root access on the Nokia – thanks to the Galdalf Exploit in Framaroot – and once root access is achieved, a root enabled file explorer can be used to copy APKs from the GApps package he’s created to the /system/Apps folder and change some permissions. Then it seems it’s delightfully simple to install APKs for the Google Play Store as well as various Google Apps and if you want it, the Google Now Launcher.

The bad news is that there is no Recovery option for the Nokia X as yet and he confirms that the ‘Bootloader seems locked in some ways’ – bad news at this stage for CM development. But all is not lost as the phones are in very limited release at this stage, but once available at retail we should see further developments in quite a short space of time.

Source: XDA-Developers.
Via: XDA News.
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