Samsung was one of the earliest builders of ChromeOS devices, producing both Chromebooks and the first generation Chromeboxes but have been quiet of late on that front, apart from the rumoured launch of an 11″ and 13″ Samsung Chromebook 2. It’s been assumed that they would follow the same design language as their previous ChromeOS releases but a leak from EvLeaks could show a different design language altogether.

The leaks shows something that could be interpreted in two ways, either a Chromebook or something a bit different – a ChromeOS Tablet. The ChromeOS tablet idea has been kicking around for a while now, since companies such as Acer, Lenovo and HP started blurring the idea of what a ChromeOS device and an Android device should be with their recently announced All-In-One devices. Rumours last year pointed to an Android laptop release – which never eventuated – so this could be Samsung doing what they do and throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks.

The Galaxy Note 3 is undeniably nicer to hold than the previous Galaxy Note/S series devices with the faux stitched leather back, but the design language wasn’t continued with the recently released Galaxy S5. It’s hard to see what Samsung would be trying to achieve with a ChromeOS device using this material on the back, as usually it would be an attempt to tie a product line together visually, but this would be a crossing of Android and ChromeOS.

We’ll most likely see an announcement of the Samsung Chromebook 2 sooner rather than later, whether this leak relates to those devices or is for another device entirely should be glaringly apparent immediately. Or, it could just be an elaborate Photoshop.

Chromebook or ChromeOS tablet? or something else? Ugly or Beautiful? Would the look of it entice you to buy it?

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God I hope this isn’t right on the laptop lid. I actually like the look of the new Chromebook specs and screen but if they pull this… yeahhh, no.