The All New HTC One will launch later this month, but why wait until then to check out all the features of HTC’s new flagship? YouTube channel GadgetReviews has posted a full 12 minute walkthrough of the HTC M8, showing off the performance, camera(s), software and sound quality of the upcoming phone.

The phone appears to be a pre-production version, with the uploader saying this was recorded on February 19th. The walkthrough shows off Blinkfeed off to the left where Google Now is located on the new Google Now launcher, we also get a good look at HTC Sense, he says Sense 6.6 but that’s probably wrong and most likely Sense 6.0. He also gives you a good look at the camera interface and certainly seems impressed by it.

Check it out and see what you think.

Update :
Well this has taken a really bad turn for the worse, at least for Roshan Jamkatel – the uploader – he’s been told by Jeff Gordon, Senior Global Online Communications Manager at HTC Corp that it’s not going to be a very good week for him. The last update from Jeff Gordon – before he deleted all the tweets – was that they have the IMEI of the phone and are following up with US Cellular to find the owner of the handset. Roshan is maintaining that the phone is ‘Fake’ on his Twitter account but hey, you can’t fake that. Here’s the interchange before it was removed :

Jeff Gordon Roshan Jamkatel
First JR One
Second JR Two
JR Three

The original video has been made private – but this is the internets Yo! so we’ve replaced it with the video we downloaded just in case this happened.

Source: GadgetReviews YouTube.
Via: DroidLife.
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OMG, covering the stickers after you’ve revealed them on *video*. Doing it wrong. 5 minutes post would have obscured them.


HTC really needs to tighten their security. We’re used to grainy photos taken from a Chinese assembly line, but a full 12 minute ‘review’ by what sounds like an American is something else. Looks like I’m holding onto my One (2013) for a bit longer.


Looking at the tweets it sounds like they’ve linked the IMEI to a sample given to US Cellular. Not HTC’s issue, really. Sounds like somebody at US Cellular is in for a world of hurt though.

Chris Watson

Does it say how many megapixels? Or ultrapixels…

Sujay Vilash

Previous rumours said a 5 Ultra Pixel.


At least link the reddit thread where you got this from you asshole…

Jason Murray

Ausdroid clearly links Sources and Vias at the end of stories.

In this case, we linked to the YouTube source (since removed) and the Droid Life article that we first noted the video in.

Sorry if you found it another way and are upset that we didn’t.

Sean Royce

Reddit is terrible.


Wow Jeff, I thought HTC liked the “hype” since they hired RDJ for that weak attempt at viral marketing or whatever it was. Don’t think I’ll be buying HTC again if this is how they react to public interest in their latest flagship device. Poor form.


Don’t get me wrong, I agree it wasn’t a smart move on Roshan’s part. I disagree with how public Jeff is threatening him.


His tone seems sympathetic to my view.


Public interest? Showing off a buggy, early version of a device (that the future of HTC may hinge on) to millions of potential customers is not a recipe for a successful product launch. The video was completely unflattering and uninspiring. This total brick head leaker deserves everything he gets. He may have irreversibly damaged the potential success of the new HTC flagship phone.

David Watt

Looks VERY nice…except that god awful black bar on the bottom? Why did they keep it? Ruins the whole phone.

geoff fieldew

I like the Desire 816. It looks classy with those tiny bezels. If it has a mid range price it might do ok.


So. Is it Real or not?
Good Terror Tactics by HTC there, even if they are bluffing.

geoff fieldew

Two cameras on the back. Interesting.

I like his review style. It’s quite endearing. It was like watching an excited kid tell his buddy about his new phone.

Somebody at US Cellular gonna get a hurtin.


Poor kid. But thanks to him, we now know there’s an SD card slot for the new One, which to me is a good thing. Though speakers seem a little tinny vs the older One, the headphone jack on the bottom is a welcomed change. Hopefully they’ll sort the camera software out before launch, it doesn’t bode well to have it so buggy with a handful of weeks to go.


Not just you.

Daniel Tyson

We’ve re-upped the video to youtube – the internet doesn’t forget 😉


is it just me or is this vid private?

Daniel Tyson

We’ve uploaded the video to our youtube account, should remain there.