Samsung Chromebook 2
The stitched faux leather back from the Galaxy Note 3 is definitely not dead, with EvLeaks over-night showing a much better view of the Samsung Chrome device he leaked yesterday, which confirms – as far as Evan Blass is concerned – that it is indeed a Chromebook and the recently leaked Chromebook 2. The picture shows off a thin, countoured base with the uniquely Samsung stitched faux leather lid, giving it the appearance of a folio or similar.

There’s litte to glean in specs from this photo except for the presence of a USB port as well as a port that appears to be a dual-purpose mic/headphone jack. But, a leak from online retailer BHPhotoVideo just over a week ago, gave us some more information about the upcoming,Samsung Chromebook 2

Samsung Chromebook 2

BHPhotoVideo showed two models of Samsung Chromebook 2, varying in screen size from 11.6″ to 13.3″ and it’s assumed that both will have the stitched faux leather back. The 11.6″ model is listed for pre-order for US$299.99 and will be powered by the Samsung in-house custom Exynos SoC. There will be colour options with the site listing Black or White as options – so expect a leaked render of the white version – and both will contain a 16GB SSD.

The 13.3″ Chromebook 2 didn’t have much listed apart from the screen size and 4GB of RAM as well as the US$399.99 price tag. All three listings have now been removed by BHPhotoVideo.

Samsung has actually released 3 Chromebooks prior to this : Series 5, Series 5 550 and Series 3, so the name Samsung Chromebook 2 is quite an odd choice, perhaps they consider it the second iteration of design language?

When we’ll see an announcement for these new Chromebooks is anyones guess, but we’ll be keen to give them a try when they arrive.

Now you’ve seen what the Chromebook 2 looks like in more details with the leather back, are you more or less attracted to the idea?

Source: evleaks.
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I had hoped the faux leather would make its way into the palm rests or something…

vijay alapati

looks like a rendered image, but still can count that samsung will implement this fashion for rest of 2014