While retail availability for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is still more than a month away, Kogan has finally acknowledged the existence of the latest Samsung phone. Kogan has begun taking names of customers interested in hearing about deals for the phone, with promises that those who do will receive ‘receive early bird deals from Kogan.’

The move to merely taking names of people interested in the phone, mirrors Dick Smith and Australian carriers who have all opened up webpages for people to register their interest. The ability to take names of interested parties gives them valuable data on the amount of phones to order for launch. So far the only real indicative Australian pricing has come from Mobicity, as well as some European sites, with Mobicity pricing the phone at $899.95 + Delivery on their website.

Fair to say that Kogan generally does give the cheapest pricing available or at least makes an attempt to keep their pricing competitive, so if you’re interested head across to the Kogan Website and enter your details, and be sure to let us know if there are any sweet deals available.

Source: Kogan.