All New HTC One
After the 12 minute video leak yesterday there isn’t much left to see – except a decently presented review – from the All New HTC One(M8) but HTC is continuing their journey towards their March 25th launch as though that particular leak never happened, this time talking about the Metal Unibody of the HTC One design.

Our two presenters – the nerd and ‘the cool guy’ – from the previous teaser are back and this time talking about the path from a block of aircraft grade aluminum alloy to smartphone that each HTC One and indeed the All New HTC One will take. Each block is machined to within 0.05mm of tolerance by Computer Numerical Controlled(CNC) Machines to bring about the design we know and love. As with the last teaser, the new model is discussed at the end and is said to contain even more metal and apparently an all new finish.

It’s just a couple more weeks till we see the new phone(officially), so join us on March 25th when we see the phone officially launched in all it’s glory.

Source: HTC Youtube.
Via: Reddit.