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EVLeaks All New HTC One Cameras
It’s not a 12 minute video walkthrough that could get someone’s parents fired, but it’s another clear look at the one of the leakiest phones to be announced this year – the All New HTC One. Thanks to EVLeaks we get the clearest shot of the dual-lens setup on the rear of the phone, which we will hopefully find out the reason for on March 25th.

But wait, there’s more! NoWhereElse.fr has gotten hold of some more pictures of the phone which shows off the refined look that plays up the improved aluminium unibody design that HTC promises will be ‘even more metal’. While we’re now mostly finding benchmarks suspect, there’s also a picture of the AnTutu benchmark result for the phone, which shows the phone edging out the Galaxy Note 3.

So, tune in, in 3 weeks time on March 25th for the official announcement of the All New HTC One.

What are your thoughts on what the dual-cameras on the rear of the All New HTC One for?

Source: NoWhereElse.frEVLeaks.
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One thing i’ll never understand about this phone is why they left that bezel at the bottom since the buttons are software based now, isn’t having the htc label on the back good enough?

geoff fieldew

I hope that’s an IR blaster not the power button on top.

Onel Benjamin

What’s that solar panel looking thing at the top of it?

Sean Royce

Another camera.

Onel Benjamin

No. I’m talking about the the black strip at the top, where the power/sleep button is.

Daniel Tyson

Desperately hoping it’s just a design flourish as solar charging for mobiles is a terrible idea.

I have a Solar charger for mobile phones and it’s AWFUL. The panel has 8-10 times the amount of surface area you see in that pic and you’re lucky to get any charge out of the thing even after leaving it in full sun all day. The only thing you get is a hot phone from having it in the sun all day.