Humble Bundle Mobile 4
The Humble Bundle Mobile is back with version 4, and this time the games on offer are just as good as previous offerings. There’s four games available for any price you want to pay, but six if you pay above the average – which at the moment sits at US$3.64.

One quick note on the Humble Bundle sale is that they appear to have updated their background image from a Nexus 4 silhouette to a more up to date Nexus 5, guess we can tag that one as #NerdTrivia, but, onto the games. The games available for any price are :

  • Catan
  • Vector
  • Riptide GP2
  • Zombie Gunship

But if you do want to pay a bit more than the average, you’ll also unlock these two premium games :

  • BADLAND Premium
  • Breach & Clear

Riptide GP2 will currently set you back $2.99 in Google Play, so just picking up the pack for that game alone makes purchasing the Humble Bundle Mobile worth it but with Breach and Clear on offer, you’d be hard pressed to ignore the incentive to pay just a little bit more.

Of course with every Humble Bundle you are helping charities as well as throwing money to the developers, you will also potentially support Childs Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, with an option to set exactly how much goes to the Developers, the Charities or even the Humble Bundle site itself. Head on over to the Humble Bundle site to grab a bargain.

Source: Humble Bundle.