The new company of Pete Lau, former Oppo VP, and new home of Cyanogen Inc, OnePlus has started its campaign for its upcoming phone. The first offering from OnePlus, the OnePlus One, which is due to arrive in the next few months, promises to be an enthusiasts phone, built by enthusiasts just for enthusiasts. OnePlus seem to have taken the route of promotion by attempting to ridicule the opposition. This may seem a bit of a stretch at this point considering they haven’t offered up anything themselves. On the other hand the fact that they are doing this means they may just have an ace up their sleeve.

First they had a go at RIM for their Blackberry revival attempts with the comment “Research In Miracles #NeverSettle #OnePlus”. Next up was something I think was a dig at Motorola, or maybe Google, neither of which makes sense to me, with “Hello Moto…? Goodbye Moto! #NeverSettle #OnePlus”. Microsoft was next in the firing line with “BSOD, no thanks! #NeverSettle #OnePlus”. A campaign like this would never be complete without a go at Apple and iOS with “Innovation? There’s no app for that! #NeverSettle #OnePlus”, no doubt a dig at Apple’s inability to innovate in the past couple of years. Closer to home was the hit out at Samsung with “So ugly that it hurts… #NeverSettle #OnePlus” and that at HTCs inability to turn a profit (I think), “Here’s your change #NeverSettle #OnePlus”.

BlackBerry (1) motorola MS
Apple Samsung HTC

From the comments on their posts it seems that followers are not impressed with this campaign without anything backing them up. Today on Reddit they defended the campaign saying

Honestly, we were just having a bit of fun. We respect each of those companies, all of whom have made great devices in the past and pushed the industry along. That said, we think that there are ways to improve upon a lot of what is currently on the market. The posters were not intended as a smear campaign, just poking fun at some of the big guys and get people talking about what’s really available for consumers right now.

With that quote they are forgiven. It is good to see companies trying to have some fun and it seems that this is how OnePlus want to be seen. A fun company making phones based on what WE the users want rather than what the shareholders want. Stay tuned for more details on the OnePlus One and what they may attempt to deliver.

Are you interested in this phone? What phone are you going to be switching from to get it?

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vijay alapati

that’s a bold move to take a dig on all the rivals at once…..lets see if they can offer some thing more better than my Nexus 5 in both specs and price wise….also not forgetting the timely updates 🙂