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When Vodafone launched their international roaming deals last year, which allowed customers to pay $5 per day to use all their usual plan inclusions while visiting 46 countries across the US, UK, NZ, Europe and Asia the business sector surely looked on with envy. But now, Vodafone is offering the same deals to their Small to Medium Enterprise(SME) customers.

The announcement gives access to the $5 per day roaming as well as access to the local support line that Vodafone also introduced with their Red plans last year. Businesses will also be able to add additional data SIMs to their plans for $10 per SIM per month, the new Red Business Shared Plans(or existing Shared Infinite Plans) also allow data to be purchased in blocks ranging from 2-100GB every month.

Vodafone Director of Sales Ben McIntosh says that Vodafone is aware that businesses are transitioning towards more mobile solutions for data access for their day to day businesses.

SMEs are increasingly moving away from expensive cable and fixed wireless connections, which makes sense as typically, telecommunications among the highest operational costs for a SME, after premises and staffing. We offer our customers a flexible, affordable solution that allows them to do what they do best and give them data access where they need it. We want to help Australian SMEs grow and the best way to do that is to give businesses the tools they need and let them get on with it.

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Vodafone Shared Plans

The plans are certainly attractive to the business customers who often travel overseas, there’s also a great benefit in the shared data buckets. With Vodafone topping the charts in speed tests in the 4G markets they’re available in, it’s great to see the competition in price coming with it. For more information on the Vodafone Red Business Shared plans, head across to the Vodafone website.