The All New HTC One. We’ve seen it in Silver, Black and of course Gold and we’ve even seen what’s supposed to be an official Bumper case for it but that could only be the first case, with @EvLeaks releasing a pic of yet another case, this time what appears to be a flip cover.

As you can see the design appears to use a dot pattern, which could effectively be a partially active e-ink display, showing you relevant information like weather, time and even basic notifications without actually waking your device. An interesting concept.

Also from the Tweet, as you can see, Evan believes that the All New HTC One will again appear in the Play store – in the US at least – as a Google Play Edition.

We’ll know a lot more about the All New HTC One when it launches later this month on March 25th.

Edit: Want more colour choices? EvLeaks has posted this as a followup :

Source: EvLeaks.
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The Most Important part of the ad spam post on Twitter by HTC was that the M8 will have a GPE.


“ad spam post on Twitter by HTC”?