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All New HTC One 12
Looks like just about everyone will have had hands-on time and posted a video or picture review of the All New HTC One by the time we reach the March 25th release date. Even still, it’s an intriguing handset and with its great looks and improved features that HTC has been teasing in their technical translations, the All New HTC One looks like it will be a winner.

Today we’ve got an album of photos from Chinese social media site Weibo as well as another – although briefer – hands-on video with the phone.

First up the photos show the phone compared to the HTC One Max. From these nice and clear photos we can learn that HTC Still hasn’t worked out that the microUSB port should be centred and that the metal band around the outside of the All New HTC One looks more premium than the plastic on the One Max.

The video is no 12 minute hands-on preview but it does show the phone is a 32GB model – the video producer says that HTC will also release a 16GB and 64GB version – as well as showing the microSD and SIM card slots. We also get a confirmation that the phone will run Android 4.4.2(KitKat) and will come with HTC Sense 6.0.

Source: WeiboYouTube.
Via: NoWhereElse.fr.