Tuesday , October 24 2017

Angry Birds goes medieval for the next sequel – launching in Australia and Canada First


Thou shall go forth and smite the enemies of the royal bird kingdom, at least that’s what Rovio envisage for the next sequel in their massively popular line of Angry Birds titles. The company released a video over the weekend giving us an insight into the next phase of this franchise for all to enjoy.

In the video, a variety of upcoming Angry Birds games are being plastered on a wall as an aggressive Razor scooter skater does x-treme tricks. Within one of the scenes, an image of the birds outfitted as a wizard, knight (or viking?), and archer are revealed leaving many to speculate and wonder if Rovio will stick to their tried-and-true slingshot formula, or go with something different altogether – catapults and trebuchets?!

It could be postulated that Rovio is simply beating a dead horse when it comes to their Angry Birds franchise. But to prove that, you’d first have to prove that Angry Birds is dead, but the continued success of the franchise would seem to disprove this notion. But a better way to look at it is from the perspective of the millions of fans who flock(Hah) to each new release like moths to a flame, who are simply enjoying a good thing while it lasts.

The Games are available on a wide variety of platforms from PCs to consoles like the Xbox 360/One and the franchise is continually growing, with the games continually appearing in the top 10 charts of the various app stores they’re released to.

There was no word on exactly when we can expect this new version of Angry Birds to hit the Play Store, though Rovio have mentioned that a soft launch would begin first in Australia(yay) and Canada, followed later by other regions in a progressive rollout, similar to what we have seen with Plants vs Zombies 2.

Is Angry Birds Dead or still going strong? Are you keen for the birds to get Medieval on the Piggies?

Source: Rovio Mobile Youtube, and Pocketgamer.
Via: Phandroid.

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