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Chromecast Android App
Google has updated one of the most useless Apps in their repotoire – the Chromecast App.

The latest update which should be available to update now via Google Play lists support for over 50 languages within the App now as well as improved support for Samsung devices. They’ve added a Settings button into the hamburger menu now hinting of possible real settings being included in the App in the future.

Outaward facing changes to the App, outside of the addition of the Settings option to the menu, appear minor but under the hood there could be more with AndroidPolice reporting that during their APK teardown they found code which points to TV offers coming to the App :

Check your TV for offers
Show offers

On the hardware front, AndroidPolice also found support for 5GHz Wi-Fi could be added in the future, although hardware wise, the current Chromecast dongle doesn’t actually support 5GHz WiFi…new Chromecast coming soon maybe?

While we’re talking about Chromecast hardware, it appears that Chromecast stock has begun arriving in retailer Curry’s PC World in the UK. While Ray Carmichael, the staff member who tweeteda picture of the stock has said that the dongle hasn’t been entered into the system yet, so he has no idea of the price at this stage.

With Sundar Pichai announcing at SXSW that the Chromecast would launch in more countries ‘within a couple of weeks’, this latest arrival in the UK is promising for the rest of the markets that have the Chromecast App available – yes, that means us. Currently we have no further information but if you work in a retail store we’d love to hear from you if you see stock arriving in your store.

Source: OMGChromeChromecast App.
Via: Android Police.
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    nice opening Dan,
    Great to see the app available in the Play store, makes it nice and easy… do i get the update to an old side loaded version?


    Yes i did get the update to side loaded version .. cool.
    Interestingly, the details on the Chromecast screen saver are coming up in Korean (month, By and “For support”), while this is my current location, which is correctly picked up in the chromecast settings, the language in the Chromecast settings is still set to english.
    So its good to see that they have provided support for the languages… just let me use the language i selected please!!