Plex has updated overnight to add the long awaited Chromecast function for all users. Plex first added the feature in the second wave of Chromecast Apps which arrived in December 2013. At the time a Plex Pass subscription was required to enable the Chromecast support but this recent update does away with that requirement.

At $5.52 the Plex for Android is not the cheapest of Apps, but Plex is one of the better looking apps on the market and the information you get on-screen when playing a video through Plex is possibly the best looking available. You also still require a (free)Plex Media server running on your PC/Server to access your video files.

There’s still of course the Chromecast component you need, but if you have a variety of media players in your living room – Xbox etc – they generally work most excellently. Of course, the rumour is that Chromecast will be available in a much wider distribution (hopefully including Australia) in the coming weeks.

Source: Plex Google Play.
Via: AndroidCommunity.
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    Can you stream local device contnet with plex or only media stored in the Plex media server?

    Daniel Tyson

    No local streaming – try AllCast – you still require the Plex Media Server to work with the Plex App.