Customers of ALDImobile, presumably wooed initially by the promise of unlimited plans, face yet another bit of bad news today, with newly released plan information showing that inclusions have been cut, yet again.

Today’s new plans show that the maximum data inclusion in the plans is just 1 GB, with extra data available at a cost. Other inclusions also seem to have reduced a little, decreasing perhaps what once was pretty decent value.

The new plans are set out below:

In addition to the data packs set out above, you can also purchase a $30 data pack which offers an extra 3 GB of data, but for $65 a month, you might find better value elsewhere.

Let us know what you think of these new plans.

Source: ALDImobile.
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    The plans everywhere have gone to crap.
    My Wife is on a $50 1Gig plan with her old HTC One X on Optus.
    To move up to a HTC One, the same plan will cost her $65.
    (Decided to move her to Boost, if that matters)

    Everyone is getting stingy. We are going Backwards.

    Michael Conradsen

    I have been with Aldi since the begining, to top if your capped at 400 mb per day to bad if I want to watch a couple of movies


    What a joke – how can big business keep moving the goal posts & still expect us to remain faithful customers? Telstra = Greedy


    not just telstra though…


    They state “We will soon be launching some new plans which will give the ALDI community increased flexibility and better value for money.”
    I’d love to see Aldi/Medion explain how the new $35 plan is better value for money than the old $35 plan.

    vijay alapati

    i request ausdroid to rewrite a post for choosing a best prepaid service in 2014….please….. 🙂

    Mikhail Cass

    And also one with data only plans for those of us with 3G/4G Tablets 🙂 Please

    vijay alapati

    reallly aldi… what reason do u have for reducing the data from 5gb to 2.5gb and now to 1gb 🙁


    Good ol’ Telstra have been muscling out the resellers like Kogan for a while. They want all the customers back so they give ball-busting contacts to the resellers.


    Fortunately this does not affect the prepaid services which is dirt cheap.


    $15 for 2GB is being replaced by $30 for 3GB


    This really sucks. I was using the pay-as-you-go service and just topping up maybe $20 every 2-3 months and then adding the $15 2GB data every 30 days. Suited me perfectly. $30 for 3GB though is just too much though. Looks like it might be time to move to boost, or possibly even ‘normal’ Telstra. Such a shame that they are being forced to make these changes (I can’t see them doing this because they want to).


    Same situation as me. I was hoping Aldi would be able to hold out a bit longer.