In the last in the line of Technical Translations which HTC has been using to both explain to potential new customers about the features of their One phone, while at the same time trying to hype up their new phone; we get a run down on one of the lesser known but nonetheless cool features of the HTC Sense software – HTC Zoe.

Zoes – a word which seems to be a shortened version of the word and meaning for Zoetrope – are basically the way HTC takes and collates your pictures, movies and shows them in a highlights which you can share with your friends. The HTC One does it and shares some amazingly good Zoes, but the All New HTC One will apparently take even better ones.

We’ll find out all about how the Duo Camera setup from the All New HTC One will help to improve Zoes, mid next week at the 25th of March launch.

HTC Technical Translations #4: ZOE

Source: HTC YouTube.
Via: Android Central.
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while quite amusing and neatly done, these are getting weirder and crazier


Yeah, they’re kinda getting lame. Good that this is the last one.

I chuckled with the first of these when they pulled out the pixelated One and had sound effects covering their words, but the 3rd and now 4th video in of exactly the same crap has gotten stale.

Still looking forward to reveal. It will be between the Xperia Z2 and HTC One for my upgrade this year. Leaning towards the One with it’s nice design, speakers and rumoured camera features.