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Our very favourite podcasting app, Pocket Casts is being updated to version 4.5 in Google Play as we speak. The new version brings about a number of improvements but it’s the Chromecast feature that we’ve all been anticipating ever since they first announced it.

Chromecasting from Pocket Casts is delightfully easy to use; load up a podcast while connected to the same network as your Chromecast and the icon appears just like in any other Chromecast enabled App. Simply tap it, select your Chromecast and off you go.

There has also been a massive improvement to the way that Pocket Casts handles re-ordering podcasts. Options to re-order podcasts from the now playing screen makes it a snap to queue up a favourite podcast as well as add it to a custom playlist are now available, simply select the ‘+’ button and you can select your option from there.

There’s also something called “Colourful Awesomeness” which detects colours from the artwork and brightens the interface in subtle ways.

There’s other little tweaks to the interface in the player, which look great, including some that line up with improvements Google introduced in KitKat. Shifty Jelly have also re-written the App to make it a bit faster and more robust.

Here’s the video explaining it all :

And just cause they’re hilarious, the official changelog :

__Finally__!!! Pocket Casts 4.5! Chromecast support! Up Next Playlist which you can re-arrange items in! New Interface that’s sexy, and picks up podcast colours! Soooo Many Enhancements! More Exclamation Marks! Capitals in Odd Places!
One does not simply update an app like Pocket Casts. One has to take the One Codebase to some silly mountain and do so in epic 3-part triloginess. Heck one might even make more movies about a dragon too. But hey, we have hairy feet so we’re as Hobbit as they come.

Head on over to Google Play and check for the update, which some people are saying is live now. If you haven’t used Pocket Casts yet, at $3.99 it’s hands down the BEST podcast player you’ll find for Android.

Pocket Casts - Podcast Player
Pocket Casts - Podcast Player
Source: Shifty JellyGoogle Play.
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Looks pretty, chromecast == good – pretty broken underneath. After removing the play queue when they holo update appeared, years back now, it is now back – this would be good if it were not added in a brain-dead way that prevents you using any form of automatic management of the queue. This is the second time they’ve broken any attempt to use the podcast app without having to spend 15 minutes a day massaging it. A new episode comes out – you have to find it, tap it, tap add, tap “queue”, then back out of the episode. Alternatively… Read more »


If anyone has an APK for the pre 4.5 version let me know.


Greg, nice summary.
Similarly i was quite disappointed when they removed the play queue… i have ever found a suitable work around or have forgotten the joy it brought me.
So I was quite stoked to see the queue function described above, but i am keen to give it a whirl and see if its as poorly done as you described.

The tap,find, tap, tap, tap … was reminiscent of comments to the new Google Maps interface, it took too many taps to get to navigation etc…It improved, so there is hope

Phillip Molly Malone

If I had know this was an Aussie App when I first was getting a Podcasting app for Android I would have went with this but I’m a Doggcather guy now and its working great for me. ChromeCasting support is a nice addition. I believe Doggcatcher are close on that as well. For interest sakes, is it playing it from the local device or playing it from the Web on the chromecast (if you know what I am getting at (and could possibly explain it back to me (only kidding, I know what I’m talking about (just can’t remember how… Read more »


I’m fairly certain the Chromecast is hitting the web, not streaming from the device because starting in the middle of an 1.5hr podcast takes about 2 minutes, but starting a podcast is very quick.


Looks brilliant. Well done Shifty Jelly.