The HTC One Android 4.4 update is apparently rolling out as an Over The Air(OTA) update to Telstra Handsets right now. The update, firmware version 4.20.980.1 is nearly 308MB in size and brings about new features as well as bug fixes.

The update brings the HTC One up to Android 4.4.2, with Sense 5.5 on-board, the update includes Cloud Print Services, Security Enhancements and New Bluetooth profiles. Presumably this update also includes the fix for the WiFi bug which caused the Android 4.4 update to be halted in the UK a few weeks ago, and which has only just re-commenced rolling out to handsets tonight, although their handsets are receiving firmware version

HTC One Android 4.4

The other carriers in Australia all carrier the HTC One and a quick look at their respective Software update pages indicates that their Android 4.4 updates won’t be too far behind. Optus advised on their page on the 7th of March that ‘We’ve approved this version. Expected public release: Mid March’. Vodafone has listed the 4.4 update for the HTC One as ‘Testing complete. Awaiting FOTA dates’ with the bonus of the HTC One Mini Android 4.4 update receiving the same status.

If you have an unlocked HTC One, the update for your handset should be well and truly received. So, it’s down to the carriers, let us know in the comments if you’ve received the Android 4.4 update on your HTC One and which carrier you purchased your phone through.

UPDATE: Looks like Vodafone and Optus customers are also receiving their update – thanks Chris and Lyle.

Thanks: Steve.
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    Is anyone having WIFI issues…?? My wifi wont connect to my home network but its fine connecting to other networks…. help!!


    I updated my phone to 4.20 and now its not charging properly. Im on htc one


    I can’t send MMS or receive them. The same thing happened last update, but I had to reconfigure APN’s and if I wanted to send or receive, I had to manually switch between two of them, now neither of them work. Awesome update.

    Barbara B

    Installed 2 days ago, had to reenter APN settings. Battery life sucks now, down to 20% within 6 hours. I am with Virgin

    Anthony H

    I can’t really see any noticeable changes…


    Wifi not functioning on Telstra. Same problem as Europe?


    Tried updating several times today. Says update corrupt. Offers try again option. After trying again it goes through the motions asking if I’d like to install now or later. I select now, phone goes to a black screen with green cycle symbol then quickly moves to red triangle with exclamation mark… Help!…??


    I have the same issue! Any news?


    Updated mine (Optus) on the train this morning. Started the download when I got on the train, had just finished installing when I walked through the office door. Poor device got a tiny bit warm from the update but battery life seems to have improved since, slightly. Could be just optimism having that effect though.


    Yep – downloading the 4.4.2 update now with Optus 🙂


    Optus kitkat update was released yesterday the 18th of March.

    Blue Octopus

    Just got the update on HTC One with Telstra – Smooth install so far,


    Does this update knock out flash from the stock browser?


    Waiting for the Ausdroid guys to wake up and do a bit of website browsing….. 🙂


    Got Kit Kat with Optus HTC One last night. So far smooth as butter.


    Just got kit Kat on HTC one, Vodafone


    how is kitkat on one?
    how is battery life and overall experience?


    My top bar with mini icons is now black and white? Beats icon used to be red, power indicator green.. haven’t seen where I can turn that back to colour. Battery use seems not much different at this point. It “feels” smoother.


    You won’t be able to change it back to those colours without a 3rd party solution (xposed/launcher etc) due to Kit Kat design guidelines


    Fair enough, I’ll stop looking. Happy to use as intended. Thanks for confirmation jaytee. Now if Westpac would roll out NFC as promised…


    I think El Googs just threw a spanner in the works for that by moving away from pure NFC to host card emulation, if that makes it easier or harder for our banks to get on board remains to be seen.