Swiftkey Emoji Beta
The Swiftkey beta that first introduced Emoji to one of the smartest Keyboard replacements available on Android has added a new trick to its repetoire, the ability to learn from your Evernote Archives and Google+ posts.

The introduction of the option to learn from your Evernote Archive was actually brought about by ‘great feedback’ from users from the recent iOS launch of ‘Swiftkey Note’, Swiftkeys first foray into the realm of iOS. An interesting place to get the idea, but if it works, we’ll take it. Also introduced is the ability to learn from Google+, but only your public Google+ posts (phew), for now.

There’s also the usual inclusion of bug fixes based on feedback in the Swiftkey VIP Community forum, which if you’re using Swiftkey Beta, then you should be a member and delivering feedback. You can also add the Swiftkey team to a circle on Google+. Head on over to the Swiftkey blog to download the latest beta (version 6 for those counting) and hopefully we’ll see this Beta go mainstream very soon.

Source: Swiftkey.