Coles - Google Play Gift Cards
Google Play Gift Cards went on-sale last year at the end of August as an exclusive to Woolworths and 7eleven, as well as through Woolworths subsiduaries Big W and Woolworths Fuel. We obtained an internal document which advised that the exclusivity would run through till the end of 2013, and halfway through March 2014, it appears that the exclusivity is over with Coles now selling Google Play Gift Cards.

Coles at Tuggeranong in the ACT were selling the gift cards in $20, $30 and $50 denominations, but Coles at locations in Sydney did not seem to have them in stock, yet.

It’s still early stages so it’s more than likely that if Coles is selling the gift cards, the other stores which make up the Coles Group could also be soon stocking the cards. Stores which make up the Coles Group include : Coles and BI-LO Supermarkets, Kmart and Target department stores, Officeworks, Harris Technology and of course Coles Express branded Shell service stations. Target and KMart wasn’t fruitful with neither store in Tuggeranong stocking the cards. Similarly the Coles Express Shell service station also did not have them in stock.

The Google Play Gift Cards, where to buy page still only lists Woolworths, Woolworths Fuel, Big W and 7eleven as the places to buy Google Play Gift Cards, but this should be updated soon.

If you have a store from the Coles Group near you, check in-store and see if they have the cards on the shelves yet, or even ask a staff memeber and let us know here in the comments.

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    Yep seen playstore cards in my local Sydney store yesterday.

    Daniel Tyson

    You know we have a tip button right? 😉

    Jason Hawkins

    Hopefully this means we’ll see more places getting them soon, followed by there always being some kind of 10% off sale on them at a different store every second week (like there are always seems to be with i-tunes cards).


    Yes has to happen soon – I’d like a Nexus 5 for myself with a 10% discount!

    Jason Hawkins

    I don’t think you can use gift cards to pay for hardware or subscriptions. You can only use them to buy digital Google play purchases, app store purchases or in app purchases. 🙁

    Daniel Tyson

    You’re absolutely correct Jason, no hardware or subscriptions.


    About bloody time that the exclusivity on selling the Google Play Cards was broken.
    It should never have been permitted to happen in the first place.