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The Google Search App (integrated with Google Now) has received an update that allows you to give voice commands to your device to take photos and videos. The “take a picutre” and “take a video” commands are the latest to be added to an ever increasing number of commands you can input by voice such as:

  • “Remind me when I get home to” – Location based reminders
  • “Remind me tomorrow morning to” – Time based reminders
  • “Set an alarm”
  • “Send an email”

These are just a few of a whole host of voice commands. You can see the full list at

While there are some thoughts that this is probably less speedy/intuitive than just pressing the camera app button on your phone screen, there’s also the possibility that you could setup a great family shot then call out “OK Google, Take a picture” across the room and be in the photo yourself. A great idea.

Either way, it shows that Google have a continued commitment to developing their products and adding new functions. Something we all can enjoy.

What function would you like Google Search to have activated by voice that is not yet available?

Source: Google G+.
Via: 9to5 Google.
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    From what I’m seeing, It just launches the app, it doesn’t respond to voice commands to actually take the picture…or maybe I’m just saying it wrong 🙂